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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some more words on Silicone Implants

Last week, one of our patients came in for her pre-op with her friend. Her friend had just had silicone implants at another practice and was very unhappy with her results. Not only did her implants feel very heavy and looked saggy-she was upset that nobody at that particular practice gave her information that is a prerequisite (by the FDA) and part of the consent forms for implantation of silicone implants. She was never informed that MRIs are the only measure to detect leakage and that they are recommended at certain incremental times after surgery. She was also never shown the booklet that we have to give patients before even scheduling a consultation for silicone implant surgery.

I am not saying that silicone implants are a bad choice-the are great implants for the right patients. The patient has to be led through a specific and very detail-oriented consent process in order to be educated about this type of implant. Whether you have surgery with Dr. Bednar or elsewhere for silicone implants, please make sure that you are handed a booklet that gives you all the details involved before and after surgery. If you are not handed this information, you are being denied accurate knowledge in what to expect after surgery.


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